Telemedic designs, develops, adapts and implements state-of-the-art technology tools for health care management in public and private seniors’ residences and long-term care facilities. Telemedic provides improved operational efficiency for administrators, better follow-up and traceability during patient interventions for health care workers, and quality living environments and services for residents. Telemedic offers:

• A complete adapted and intuitive health care management Web platform

• A wireless solution for sharing and tracking activities and care services

• A wireless terminal for collecting and sharing vital signs, sent systematically to patients’ files

What Clients Says

  • Since using Telemedic, I’ve saved hours every month by reducing the turnover rate, eliminating errors and omissions, and cutting down on paperwork.

  • I love Telemedic because, as the director of the health unit, I can consult the updated records of residents with just one click and print the reports I need. It’s very simple to do a follow-up. I can remotely add notes that the physician can access. If there’s a problem, I can quickly access the resident’s complete record for optimal and efficient follow-up and intervention.

  • Telemedic is brand new to me. I’m slowly getting accustomed to it. I find it easy to use. It makes it simple to locate information on residents in one place. This means less time searching and more time saved.

  • Telemedic is a very useful tool for our business because it enables us to centralize all our information and to allow the people in charge of patient care (such as the physician, social worker or nurse) to access it. It also allows us to update all the medical records, lists of drugs and necessary documents. It’s an amazing tool that we can’t do without any more!

  • I love working with Telemedic. It’s a clear, accessible and easy-to-use tool. It saves time because it’s quicker to consult than paper records. With just one click, you can bring everything up together and access the data.

  • The Telemedic Solution enabled us to computerize our residents’ health records, resulting in better organization of all the health care activities provided in our establishment. Thanks to the health terminal, we can now regularly follow up all major vital signs. We really appreciate that this information is automatically entered in our residents’ files.

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